#Peartini #Skinnytini

This cocktail is so dang good! It is refreshing and super simple! Teresa Howes, the author of Skinnytinis all the fun with half the cocktails made it for us, how awesome is that?! Check out the fabulous recipe and pictures from our Sunday Funday! I skipped my normal mimosa and went for the Peartini instead, we had a great time sipping our cocktails on a beautiful day in downtown San Diego before we headed off to brunch.

This Peartini also goes excellent with my Marinated Ginger Chicken & Spinach Salad. I used a pear ginger dressing.

Thanks Marian Rosenthal | MSR Photos for taking pictures! They turned out awesome!

Peartini (144 Calories)

1 oz. of Vodka

1 oz. of light pear juice from canned pears

Top with a little champagne

cinnamon to taste

Then shake it baby!! Pour and garnish with one of the pears. If you like it a little thick, you can also blend the pears for the consistency you like.

If you are having a party…use a big punch bowl. Add about 2 cups vodka and 2 cans of pears, pour the pears right in and top off with about a 1/2 bottle or so of the bubbly (maybe more if you likey the bubbly like I do), then add the cinnamon and scoop up a couple pears per glass. Such a pretty cocktail, perfect for a bridal shower or spring event.

And have to give a shout out to an awesome human, Chad from Chaddy Cakes made these cupcakes and they were the perfect treat! Click here to check out Chad’s FB Page. I’ll be doing a feature post on Chad soon.

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