image White Nighty #Love #Beauty

Every woman looks so beautiful fresh out of the shower with a little white cotton nighty. So I have a challenge for you Hubbies out there…or Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends. Go out and buy your significant other a little white cotton nighty, nothing crazy expensive. My husband got one for me and that is the whole reason I thought of this post. His eyes totally perked up and he smiled. And I thought to myself everyone should have something like this…something that was picked out, and even more specifically an innocent white one. Because even the naughtiest ladies want to be a good girls sometimes ;-)

I found some really cute stuff on Etsy, I love the Vintage ones. Like this.

I love this plain and simple one from

Even something like this from Element. Mine is from Element but they don’t make it anymore, or maybe it was from a sample sale, I think it is actually a pool cover up so it is a little see through but that’s okay, I wear it with simple cotton undies.

Challenge your spouse or partner to pick out a cute nighty for you and put it on when you want to get a little attention :)

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