The Rachel #SeriousSandwich

I am so excited for this Sandwich! It is so simple and Turkey is my favorite sandwich meat. I am learning so much from Emeril. I have heard of a Reuben but not of the Rachel, maybe just missed it all these years. But so happy to have found it. I made it with sourdough instead of Rye though because I’m allergic to it, meaning I don’t like it 😉 Such a tasty sandwich, especially for late night cravings. It includes a homemade jicama slaw that was super fresh and crisp! Really Kicked it up! Definitely a comfort food recipe, I curled up in bed an enjoyed it with the Hubby watching a movie. Add on your favorite brewskie and you are good to go.

Coming soon: The Monte Cristo and also a Grilled Veggie with Hummus Sammich. Yum!!! Order your copy of Kicked-Up Sandwiches from Emeril Lagasse released TODAY!! This book is so awesome. I basically want to make everything. Also pumpernickel bread coming soon.

And don’t forget about the most amazing mustard ever. 

Check out these awesome Blogs for more #SeriousSandwich posts

Cup of Creativi-Tea has her giveaway happening you can win a copy of Emeril’s book, click here and also made the Teriyaki Glazed Pork Sliders, OMG I want!!

Mangoes and Chutney & Peanut Butter and Peppers both made the Banana, Peanut Butter & Honey. I need to make this one too, so simple and yet so perfect!

Family Foodie made the French Bread Pizza Sandwiches, they look amazing!

And one more, 30A Eats recently made the Columbia Street Grinder, Wowza!!

Okay okay one more, they are just too good not to share. My Royal Kitchen made the Breakfast Burger. Looks so good, wish I had one of these served to me in bed this morning. One can wish.


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