Pumpernickel Bread #SeriousSandwich

This was so fun to make! My grandpa had a bread maker growing up so I kinda assumed any bread with the exception of banana and what not was made in a bread maker. So when I saw this recipe and that it was something I could actually do without one I definitely wanted to try it. Especially because we had bought the store bought stuff and it was a little dry so I was curious to see how my own would come out.

There were so many smells when making this recipe. First you smell the spicy herbs, then you get more of a sweet chocolate smell and then when you are making the dough it actually smelled a little like play dough to me. The homemade kind. I love smells…good ones that is. I smell my animals and my kids. I actually have my blankey that my grandma made me when I was a kid and I have always liked the smell so I keep it under my pillow and give it a sniff from time to time. Yes I have my blankey 🙂 I heard once some statistic about kids and their blankets and that actually and kid that takes his blankey to college with him/her will be more secure. LOL I actually didn’t go to college unfortunately but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken mine there. It would not have smelled nice, I would have packed it away safe to make sure it was there when I got back.

But enough about my Blanket, how the heck did I go there…anyway, back to Emeril’s Pumpernickel Bread. To sum it up, yummy smells and homemade bread with Emeril’s recipe. Who can go wrong. If you likey the pumpernickel you’ll have to check out Emeril’s Book so you can make your own too. I’ll be posting another sandwich from the book shortly that goes great with this bread.

I am going to need to practice the bread more…mine came out a little crumbly still, I couldn’t find rye flour so maybe that is why. I’ll try again 😉 still tasted really good!

Click on the book cover to order your copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches.

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7 thoughts on “Pumpernickel Bread #SeriousSandwich

  1. I made the pumpernickel as well. It’s really great and I have been eating it daily with butter for breakfast. Yum!

  2. What did you use instead of the rye flour? Extra bread flour? I don’t know if that’s why it came out crumbly…maybe more time kneading next time. I made this one, too, and I agree with you about the unique smell!

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