Friendship & Love Notes #thankful

I was cleaning up the side table next to my bed and came across some little notes and they made me smile. I am going to keep these little notes pinned up on my inspiration board. Sometimes expressing to our friends how much we love them can be a little, well…awkward. I love my buddies so much and think friendship is such a huge part of life, I can’t imagine life with out friends. This was a great way to let them know why I am thankful for them and their friendship.

At a BBQ with friends a while back, it was a Thanksgiving gathering, we took a minute to write a note to each of our friends about why we were thankful for them. Then we taped them to the wall for everyone to see. At the end of the party, we took our notes home with us 🙂 It was such a nice thing to do with friends, it was so nice hearing reasons why they loved me too. I can imagine it also being fun for the kids as they get a little older also.

Putting Love in writing is important. People learn and accept love in so many different ways and they may want to see it to believe it. And who doesn’t like getting a little love note from time to time. I am going to get some post-its and put them in that side table and write more notes, leaving little I love you’s all over for those that I love, especially the Hubster. Pick up your post-its and tell someone why you are thankful for them! 🙂