Cholula Chicken Enchiladas #SundaySupper

Cholula Hot Sauce is my absolute favorite! I put it on everything! I used to have a bottle in my car just in case…man I need to replenish that supply. When it comes to keeping the soul warm I always think of hot sauce first. I love Cholula so much and it is also hot but not overwhelming, it is warm 😉 well I mean it is hot sauce so if you have too much your mouth will be on fire but oh it is such a lovely taste. I have to have it on my fish tacos, rolled tacos, anything Mexican. It also is awesome on breakfast burritos and mac n cheese. So it seemed like an obvious choice to make an Enchilada sauce out of it. Cholula did not even have a recipe for this…they will now, it came out amazing!! A new favorite and it was so easy. I should note that I do not like enchiladas with too much sauce, so this is a dryer version than your usual enchiladas.


1 Rotisserie chicken (because that’s how I roll)

Cholula Hot Sauce (1/8 cup)

Tortillas (corn or flour your preference, I like flour for enchiladas normally)

1 can diced Green Chiles

1/2 of an Onion, diced

1/2 green pepper, diced

1 ear of corn, well, the kernels cut from the cob anyway

1/8 cup California chili powder

1 8oz can of El Pato tomato sauce

1/4 cup water

3 tablespoons of veggie oil

1 tablespoon flour

1 fresh garlic clove, minced

1/2 tablespoon of crushed carroway seed

1/2 tablespoon of crushed coriander

1/2 can of black beans

green onions

Shredded cheese of your choice (jack, mozzarella, and cheddar make a nice mixture)


No I don’t have man hands, thanks Hubster for being my assistant 🙂 I started by boiling water and cooking the ear of corn. Meanwhile, I preheated the oven to 325 and I pulled all the meat off the bones, shredding it into a large bowl. In a saucepan, I heated the oil, added the garlic and flour. After a minute, I added the chili powder and stirred. After another minute I added the tomato sauce, water, green chilies, and the Cholula.

The corn was finished, so I cut it from the cob. After stirring the sauce for a few minutes, I turned off the heat, and added the chicken, onion, green pepper, beans, and corn.

Next I filled up the tortillas…they actually turned out like pretty respectably sized burritos, and placed them in a glass dish. I sprinkled the cheese over them, tossed some green onions on top, and popped it in the oven for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes, I broiled on high for 3 minutes, making the cheese into a nice bubbly and slightly crispy topping.

Cool and serve. I topped with extra Cholula, you know, to taste 🙂

This Week’s Warm you up Sunday Supper Recipes:

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Grilled Idiazabal Cheese with Quince Paste, Pears, and Walnut Butter #SeriousSandwich

This sandwich sounded so good, I just knew I had to make it. Turns out though, I had to make a few substitutions. So, instead of Idiazabal cheese, I used Manchego. Instead of Quince Paste, I used Quince Preserves. Instead of Walnut Butter, I made Pecan Butter. I did use a Bosc pear, sliced so thinly you can see through it, and pumpernickel bread. Why all the substitutions? Hmmm, I guess it turns out I need to investigate some new specialty markets in my area. And I need to investigate my supplies better before I start something 🙂
This sammy was very good. It was sweet, from the fruit. It was savory, from the bread and cheese. The nut butter gave it some richness.  No cayanne or chile or paprika, so this was the least spicy of all the sandwiches I’ve tried from Emeril’s book. Interesting though, because the flavor combo stood up well to the Ruination IPA I happened to be drinking (a beer that claims to be so hoppin’ tasty, it ruins your palate).

Click on the book cover to order your copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches.

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Pumpernickel Bread #SeriousSandwich

This was so fun to make! My grandpa had a bread maker growing up so I kinda assumed any bread with the exception of banana and what not was made in a bread maker. So when I saw this recipe and that it was something I could actually do without one I definitely wanted to try it. Especially because we had bought the store bought stuff and it was a little dry so I was curious to see how my own would come out.

There were so many smells when making this recipe. First you smell the spicy herbs, then you get more of a sweet chocolate smell and then when you are making the dough it actually smelled a little like play dough to me. The homemade kind. I love smells…good ones that is. I smell my animals and my kids. I actually have my blankey that my grandma made me when I was a kid and I have always liked the smell so I keep it under my pillow and give it a sniff from time to time. Yes I have my blankey 🙂 I heard once some statistic about kids and their blankets and that actually and kid that takes his blankey to college with him/her will be more secure. LOL I actually didn’t go to college unfortunately but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have taken mine there. It would not have smelled nice, I would have packed it away safe to make sure it was there when I got back.

But enough about my Blanket, how the heck did I go there…anyway, back to Emeril’s Pumpernickel Bread. To sum it up, yummy smells and homemade bread with Emeril’s recipe. Who can go wrong. If you likey the pumpernickel you’ll have to check out Emeril’s Book so you can make your own too. I’ll be posting another sandwich from the book shortly that goes great with this bread.

I am going to need to practice the bread more…mine came out a little crumbly still, I couldn’t find rye flour so maybe that is why. I’ll try again 😉 still tasted really good!

Click on the book cover to order your copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches.

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Peanutbutter, Banana & Honey #SeriousSandwich

I don’t know if it is Emeril or Sandwiches but there is something about these sandwiches that is just so comforting. I can see how they can fit into my routine easily and become new regulars. My dad has always loved PB & Banana and the hubby and I’m hoping the kids will too. I will make the kids with sunflower seed butter because of nut allergies but it is almost like a dessert. The bananas I had weren’t super ripe so the honey was great for that. Sometimes you just can’t get the perfectly ripe banana when you want one. I like mine really ripe…starting to brown.

Click on the cover for your copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches.

This was definitely the easiest sandwich so far! I can’t wait to make it again for the family or for a kids play date. I’ll be so popular, wash it down with some milk and BAM! Banana Heaven.

I didn’t even have to time to plate it, I gobbled it up 🙂

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The Monte Freaking Cristo #SeriousSandwich

This sandwich made me feel like a Rock Star!! If you are new to my blog, I have not been cooking long at all so there are a lot of things I have never done, even the basics! It has definitely been part of the challenge and fun of blogging, learning something new! I have come a long way since I started my blog and have been having so much fun along the way. I especially love this cook along! The #SeriousSandwich Bloggers have been so awesome and Emeril is amazing! Everything in this book looks so good and isn’t crazy complicated!

Click on the cover to order your copy.

One of my all time favorites sandwiches is the Monte Cristo! So for me to make one at home, build, bread, fry and serve, well it was freaking awesome! I was so happy to have this delicious meal at home. My husband and I used to go to one of our favorite local Irish places on Sunday’s and I would always get the Monte Cristo…I haven’t had one in years since we’ve moved!!! Now I can make them whenever I want, muaaaaahhhh. I actually want to throw a brunch just to show off my new frying skills. I’d have these ready to go and then fry them up fresh for my guests. Bloody Mary’s of course are optional 😉

I have never made a Monte Cristo before and I have Emeril to thank for it 🙂 I will definitely be making these again!!  Thank you Emeril for making me a Rock Star in my own Kitchen.

Emeril was so kind, we were all able to ask him some questions. I feel so honored to have him reading what I am writing and taking the time to answer some questions so we can all get to know him better. Thank you so much Emeril for taking the time to answer these!!! Made my day, shoot my month!!

Question #1

In your awesome new book, Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches, what is your favorite sandwich?

A: That’s a tough one. So many of them have special places in my heart. For instance, the Eggplant Muffulletta and the Roast Beef “Debris” Po’boy both remind me of my earliest days in New Orleans. Then there’s the Columbia Street Grinder, which was inspired from my childhood days growing up in New England. And you know, I am a real salmon-lover, so the Pan Roasted Salmon with Shaved Fennel, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes and Lemony Ricotta Spread really speaks to me. And then there’s the Porchetta…

Question #2

What was your very first job that was food related?

A: I worked in a Portuguese bakery in my home town of Fall River Massachusetts when I was still a young boy in school. It was a pivotal moment for me in terms of changing my direction in life.

Question #3

I would love to know what it is like to be at home with Emeril, what is a favorite Go-To, quick and easy meal…?

A: I am all about quick and easy when at home cooking for my wife and kids – one of our favorite things to do at home is a quick fried rice. You can use what you find in the fridge, add bits of leftover roast meats, poultry, vegetables, etc., and you’ve got a complete meal. My wife is a real seafood lover and so we often prepare very simply sautéed fish with quick pan sauces and simply steamed veggies. Of course my kids love pasta and so that shows up on the menu a lot as well.

Question #4

Where do you go for inspiration? For example, the Pork Rillette on Pumpernickel with watercress and fig vinaigrette…YUM!! How did you come up with that sandwich?

A: Well, you know, pork rillette is something that we have often in the restaurants and we use it as little amuse portions when folks sit down to look at the menu. It wasn’t much of a stretch to make a sandwich out of it since it is often served with mustard, pickles, and toast points. The fig vinaigrette, well, everyone knows that pork and fruit is a wonderful combination! Plus I just love figs.

Question #5

What does the refrigeration process do to let’s say the monte cristo or the chocolate wafers?

A: The monte cristo can be refrigerated before being battered and fried, but I really don’t think it’s a sandwich that would be very good reheated…most fried foods are best enjoyed just after being made. The chocolate wafer cookies really don’t need to be refrigerated. I have made them and kept them in paper pastry boxes for several days with no problem. The fudgy centers are fine at room temp, too.

And those were my questions! I didn’t know what else to ask. I feel a little silly about the #4 now…I didn’t know that, see Emeril has taught me so much 🙂

I have two more questions to ask you Emeril. If you could meet and have a conversation anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

When did you first say BAM?! 😉

Refrigerating my Cristos 🙂 This is seriously an awesome sandwich, you can prepare ahead of time and make fresh very quickly just warm up your oil. And who doesn’t like cooking with beer, I highly suggest drinking one while you are making this, you deserve it, Rock Star! At first I was struggling with the tongs and the frying but by the end I had three or four sammies in there and was frying up a storm. I used my hands to bread the sandwiches and drop them in though it was just easier, I used the tongs to remove and also to make sure they were completely fried. 

And the finished product. Better then in a restaurant and super fresh. Yum, yum, yum!

Thanks Emeril and Morrow Cookbooks for an awesome experience so far. Only 3 more Sandwiches to make for me and the cook along will be over, a little sad to have our #SeriousSandwich blogging come to an  end. But…I’ll definitely be cooking more Emeril food and especially going to try out his quick fried rice suggestion! BAM!

Check out all the #SeriousSandwich Bloggers

It has been a pleasure blogging with you all!! 🙂

The Rachel #SeriousSandwich

I am so excited for this Sandwich! It is so simple and Turkey is my favorite sandwich meat. I am learning so much from Emeril. I have heard of a Reuben but not of the Rachel, maybe just missed it all these years. But so happy to have found it. I made it with sourdough instead of Rye though because I’m allergic to it, meaning I don’t like it 😉 Such a tasty sandwich, especially for late night cravings. It includes a homemade jicama slaw that was super fresh and crisp! Really Kicked it up! Definitely a comfort food recipe, I curled up in bed an enjoyed it with the Hubby watching a movie. Add on your favorite brewskie and you are good to go.

Coming soon: The Monte Cristo and also a Grilled Veggie with Hummus Sammich. Yum!!! Order your copy of Kicked-Up Sandwiches from Emeril Lagasse released TODAY!! This book is so awesome. I basically want to make everything. Also pumpernickel bread coming soon.

And don’t forget about the most amazing mustard ever. 

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Okay okay one more, they are just too good not to share. My Royal Kitchen made the Breakfast Burger. Looks so good, wish I had one of these served to me in bed this morning. One can wish.


My 1st Health Tip – #AirPunches

I have been meaning to write in my Health Catergory for quite some time now. I actually have a good number of things I like related to this whole being healthy and green stuff, so I wanted to share one of my favorite and easiest ways to shapen up those arms. And believe me I know….I had a baby last July and was over 200 lbs. I’m embarrassed to say. I actually felt really great the entire pregnancy and was only really uncomfortable those last couple weeks, like most moms, probably because I had already stacked on some weight before I got pregnant. I probably was 175 before I got pregnant with Baby T. And I am now…145 🙂 Woohoo…I will post a few of the things I did to get back into shape.

Tip #1 – Air Punches

Because women “my age” are concerned about their arms for sure. I have heard once you hit 40 it is harder to get rid of the extra fat and geesh…flabbiness, jelly arms, we all know what I’m talking about. Spellcheck just corrected flabbiness for me, haha, glad that is officially a word, GREAT! Anyway…this is what I do……..In addition to carrying around a 26 lb. baby (now walking so she probably doesn’t help the arms as much as she used to) I do air punches. When I’m in the shower…I’ll shampoo my hair…then while it is soaking for a bit I punch towards the ceiling as fast as I can until my arms burn, then do it again for the conditioner. It is super simple, saves times and makes you stronger. And who knows, maybe it will get out some frustration too…Punch away and have fun punching your arms to a nicely toned shape.

Crazy Kid doing some air punches 🙂


#SundaySupper Hot Dr. Pepper with Lemon #FamilyTradition #ComfortFood

I love this weeks theme for the #SundaySupper. Who doesn’t love comfort food! The first thing I thought of for this though is a beverage. This is always a surprising drink for our guests during the holidays or fall. And I am actually not sure which side of the family did it first, both sides make it. I have many memories of my dad making us Hot Dr. Pepper and also my grandma on my moms side. I never wanted mine with lemon when I was little but now it is an absolute MUST! We usually would serve this as an after dinner treat, when the fire was on and the kids were maybe playing or watching a movie. It seems like such a quiet time thing for me. I love the smell of the lemon with the sweet Dr. Pepper.

It is so easy, just pour a few cans into a pot on the stove and simmer until the carbonation has fizzled out .Then add a slice of lemon and serve.

If you like you can make it Irish by adding a shot of Whiskey. The Hubster being the Irishman he is of course was the one to discover this 😉

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Orange Nixon Bags #Beauty #Fashion #Coral

How have I not blogged about Nixon before?! My husband works there so I am a lucky girl that has quite the collection of handbags and watches from Nixon. They are so cute. I absolutely LOVE their purses. I only use them now. They have little pockets inside for phones and lip glosses and what not. Some have little side zippers that are great for keys. I am forever losing mine and with all these keyless entry cars you can tuck it there and never have to take it out. A friend of mine took this photo for me. I was at her place taking shots for her awesome Jewelry line, Skyla Rose. Check out her FB Page here. OMG don’t you just love this orange tabby cat. I think he must have been attracted to my bag 😉

Links to some of my Favorite Coral (Orange) Nixon Purses.

Going Places Hobo

Fleet Low Slung Hobo

Excursion Packpack

Savings Wallet Great accent, I love these wrap around zippers!!

And Don’t forget about a watch 🙂 They have Coral Watches too!!

The Rubber Player in Coral is sooooo cute and fun 🙂 Makes a great gift.




Curried Chicken Salad on Pumpernickel #SeriousSandwich

This is such a beautiful sandwich! I love what Emeril created! It was pretty easy to make and would be an impressive sandwich at a shower or to bring to a party. It is just so pretty. I cut them into smaller pieces and added a simple salad: spinach, currants and pear/champagne vinaigrette with gorgonzola from where else? Trader Joe’s of course. Then served it with a glass of champagne. Also I absolutely love currants, they are my favorite salad topper.

Click here for the recipe on Emeril’s Site.

Order your copy of Emeril’s new book Kicked-Up Sandwiches by clicking here. It is amazing! There are so many awesome recipes!! And don’t forget to order his amazing Horseradish Mustard! Also at the bottom of the page there are a few links to some other #SeriousSandwich posts that you won’t want to miss!

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